The Sennheiser MM 450-X Review

Description: The Sennheiser MM 450-X is one of the noise canceling headphones available on the market today.  Find out what to expect from this headphone by reading this Sennheiser MM 450-X review.

Sennheiser has built a strong reputation for producing the best audio products. The German company has given us superior quality products since 1945, and many audiophiles grew up recognizing it as the only name to trust when it comes to headphones.

The Sennheiser MM 450-X is definitely no exception. This high-end, wired headphone was designed for people who travel a lot or enjoy playing games and listening to music. It has features like Bluetooth connectivity and an integrated microphone for making phone calls.

Sennheiser MM 450-X Features

  • This headphone features the trademarked NoiseGard technology of Sennheiser that cancels the background noise typically heard during calls. The said technology allows users of the headphone to clearly hear the voice on the other line even if they are in noisy places like airports and the streets.
  • It comes with the TalkThrough function of Sennheiser that lets users speak to another person without having to remove the headphone. There is a button that needs to be pressed, and this activates an invisible microphone that allows the user to hear external noise.
  • It has volume and playlist controls that are placed on the ear cup.
  • It is Bluetooth-compatible, meaning users can use this without wires. Sound quality is not compromised when the user opts for hands-free convenience thanks to the headphone’s advanced A2DP profile.
  • It has a direct cable option, enabling users to connect the headphones to a supplied airline adapter.
  • It can guarantee comfort to its users with its padded ear-cushions and convenience as it can fold into a bundle for easier storage.

Sennheiser MM 450-X Pros and Cons

This headphone is getting a lot of rave reviews because of its advanced Bluetooth connectivity.  Particularly impressive is the long list of Bluetooth control commands, with less common commands like mute, redial and track scanning available in this headphone.  With the Bluetooth function of the headphone, users can easily make commands on their mobile devices like the iPhone while they listen to their favorite tracks.

The design of the headphone is another positive characteristic of the MM 450-X.  The lightweight and foldable design makes it easy for users to store the headphones. Comfort is not sacrificed at all thanks to the well-cushion ear pads and headbands. There is also a carrying pouch included in the package for storage of the headphone accessories.

The controls are also placed well in the right earpiece, with the volume control located at the top and bottom, while the previous and next track buttons placed in the rear and front. Then the play/power button is located in the middle. It’s a very common configuration that users should have no trouble getting accustomed with.

Two other buttons are placed on the right earpiece—for Bluetooth connectivity and NoiseGard—but these are located on the bottom edge.

Aside from the good design of the MM 450-X, users are also raving about the noise cancelation function of the headphone.

This is not surprising at all because Sennheiser was one of the first companies to introduce headphones with noise cancellation, doing it for Lufthansa back in the late ‘80s. Five years later, the first pair of Sennheiser noise canceling headphones was introduced to the market.

But the MM 450-X is not without issues.

The headphone may be comfortable to wear, but not when you use it for long periods. Moreover, there is a noticeable hiss and distortion when the sound is played at top volumes.

While it is not recommended to listen to music at high volume, this is still a disappointment considering the price of the MM 450-X.  Many online reviewers argue that this is not acceptable given the expensive price of the headphone.

Sennheiser MM 450-X Consumer Review

Consumer reviews on the MM 450-X are generally positive, although there are some complaints about the price of the headphone.

In terms of performance, the MM 450-X will deliver on its promise of superb audio.  The noise cancelling function of the headphone is pretty impressive in reducing audible background noise.

The versatility of the MM 450-Xalso entices a lot of potential buyers. With this headphone, users basically have four ways of listening to music—wired, wireless, wired with noise cancelation, and wireless with noise cancelation.

These four modes also have an effect on the battery life of the headphone.  Listening to wireless with noise cancellation can cut down battery life to 8 hours, while wired with noise cancelling can last up to 20 hours.

While there are many who find the battery life reasonable, some think that eight hour battery life is a bit short for a high-end headphone.

However, only a few reviewers argue about the sound produced by the headphones. In true Sennheiser fashion, the MM 450-X produces rich bass and crisp high-mids. The headphone also serves a good alternative to a cell phone headset as users have minimal complaint about the quality of the audio when they use it in receiving and making calls.

Most online reviews also point out that the MM 450-X has no problems when being paired with a Bluetooth-capable cell phone or tablet. Once it has been paired with another mobile device through Bluetooth connectivity, the headphone should work all the time.

Other positive feedback on the MM 450-X stresses that the headphone’s folding design makes it an ideal travel companion. Reviewers on say that the headphones are easy to store and fit well into its carrying case. There are also minimal complaints about comfort, although some reviewers bare that they experienced some discomfort wearing it for several hours.


Any Sennheiser MM 450-X review will not be complete without mentioning its hefty price tag.  It is quite expensive compared to most headphones in the market.

Some may find this headphone to be a little too expensive, but when you consider its impressive features, the MM 450-X is definitely worth it.