The Sennheiser RS 170 Review

Sennheiser has developed a wireless headphone system that offers superior home theater performance rivaled only by a few. Learn more about this headphone in this Sennheiser RS 170 review.

The Sennheiser RS 170 model is made up of two wireless headphones and comes with a multi-purpose transmitter that can function as a docking station. The Sennheiser RS 170 is sought after for its Dynamic Bass Boost and Surround Sound simulation mode.

To use, you need to plug the transmitter’s cable into your home theatre system’s output and ensure that the 2 AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries are properly inserted. Charge the headphones via the transmitter when not in use.

In this article, you will know the pros and cons of the Sennheiser RS 170 based on expert reviews and consumer experience. At the bottom, you will find comments made by consumers who are using the product, leading to the conclusion of whether the product gives you value for your money.

RS 170 Pros and Cons

Quality headphones are becoming harder and harder to find so looking for that perfect audio equipment is a waste of time. Every device on the market has its share of pros and cons and the RS 170 is of exemption.


KLEER Wireless Audio

With KLEER’s lossless wireless audio transmission technology, you will not worry about missing a single line of dialog whenever you need to take a quick break. You can go as far as 260 feet away from the transmitter and still be able to listen to audiophile-grade sound. If you are hosting a movie night with friends but do not want to disturb the neighbors, you can pair up to 4 compatible Sennheiser KLEER headphones with the same transmitter.

Audiophile-Grade Performance

Aside from KLEER wireless audio, RS 170 also features audiophile-level transducer systems that deliver fine and comprehensible audio reproduction.  Its Dynamic Bass Boost and Surround Sound simulation produces deep and slamming bass response with immersing depth that replicate the modern movie theater experience.


With batteries detached, the RS 170 weighs 216 grams due to its plastic construction. Carrying a feather-like load will not make you feel uncomfortable even if you decide to go through a movie marathon.


Even if it is made of plastic, the material used in manufacturing the Sennheiser wireless headphones does not reflect the product’s sturdiness. It will take a lot to damage the headphones even if you use it frequently.


The astounding level of comfort provided by the Sennheiser wireless headphones begins with its oval shape, allowing it to fit better around the ears. In addition, the RS 170’s plush headband and leather ear-pads gently embraces the head and the ears like a mother carrying her newborn baby.


Volume Control

There is no issue when you try to control the buttons of the headphones before using it; however, the difficulties begin to show up once you wear them. Whenever the sound becomes overwhelming, it is difficult to determine whether you are adjusting the volume, surround, or bass of the headphones unless you take it off and look at them.

Relatively Shorter Range

Old analog headphones allow users to go beyond the 260 feet range offered by the RS 170. If you take a few steps outside that number, the headphones will switch on and off.


A user wrote a Sennheiser RS 170 review complaining about the product’s interference with other appliances. Electronic devices like a microwave oven will interfere with the RS 170’s wireless signal and disrupt audio delivery.

Sennheiser RS 170 Consumer Review

Generally, consumers are blown away by the quality of sound delivered by the Sennheiser RS 170. In fact, one user who found the product satisfying commented that “I have never been so impressed with any product I have purchased.” He further praised the headphones because he was not able to hear any hiss or background noise.

Experienced headphones users found the quality of sound better than expected. When watching a movie, they claimed that you will definitely hear subtle sounds which will not be heard even with quality loudspeakers. The headphones delivered excellent detail and produced crisp and clean audio.

Many users found the uncomplicated connection an advantage. The plug and play system makes the device simple and easy to use. They also liked how the RS 170 will still function even if you use standard alkaline batteries.

Other people took positive notice of the Bass Boost. A consumer claimed that the feature adds richer bass to the sound without losing clarity. Moreover, some appreciated the fact that the bass is not intrusive even if the Bass Boost is activated.

Of course, the Sennheiser RS 170 review will not be complete if the good does not come with the bad.

A consumer stated that the headphones are brilliant for individual use. However, a design flaw surfaces once the RS 170 is used while the TV speakers are also functioning. Even at low volume, there is a noticeable echo with dialogue so if you are planning to use this with someone who prefers hearing through the loudspeakers, prepare to be annoyed.

Many users are not happy with how the buttons are integrated on the headphones. Consumers find it irritating with the idea of having to take the headphones off just to make small adjustments. They are reiterating one disadvantage that the buttons are difficult to find by touch.


At the rates that Amazon offers, RS 170 is very reasonable. It delivers top-notch sound quality and provides a level of comfort that other headphone manufacturers will never imitate. While the KLEER wireless audio will let you move around the house, it is not something to be excited about.

An important quality of the RS 170 that is overlooked by the average user is its durability. Having durable headphones that is almost impervious to damage makes the purchase more of an investment. Think about the money that you will save if you do not need to buy another set of headphones just to replace one that has worn out due to frequency of use.

However, for its price, this wireless headphone system is a great bargain. Its superb features and cheap price easily negate the possible design flaws that you might encounter with the device.